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Induction Heating

Induction Heating

Induction Heating

Induction heating is easy to set, providing fast temperature heating time, and excellent heating efficiency, accuracy, and uniformity of component temperature. In addition, compared with resistance heating methods, induction heating machine has a security advantage.

The Principle of Electromagnetic Induction Heating System

Multi-function microcomputer electromagnetic induction heating controller adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction heating to turn electrical energy into thermal energy. Firstly, change 50Hz alternating current into direct current through the internal rectification filter circuit. And then through the PFM control circuit, transfer DC to high frequency of 3-30 KHz and high voltage. The rapid changing current will produce high-speed changing magnetic field through the coil. It will be produced countless small eddy inside heating metal object when the magnetic field lines inside the heated metal object, so the heated metal object itself will get high fever.

Structure of Electromagnetic Induction Heating Machine

Induction Heater: also called electromagnetic induction heater, induction heating main control, induction heating main circuit control, etc.

Induction Heating Coil: also called induction coil/heating coil

③ Temperature Control: can be installed on the induction heater box

④ External Control: PLC etc.

Main Features & Advantages of Induction Heating

1. Save electricity at least 30% and highest to 80%, especially for big power machine;

2. Industrial induction heating equipment has no influence on working environment;

3. High efficiency: high frequency heating system has heat energy utilization rate of 95%+;

4. Heating fast, accurate temperature control;

5. Portable induction heating machine can work for a long time in harsh environments;

6. Low cost of power consumption compare to traditional resistance wire heating;

7. No unsafe factors compare to traditional heating: surface temperature only about 50℃~80℃;

8. External control like PLC can be connected.

As a professional induction heating machine manufacturer, our products range from standard induction heating equipment to customized solutions, to complete manufacturing processes. welcome to contact us for more information!

Induction Heating equipment application range

  • Plastics and rubber industry

Induction heating for plastic puffing machines, wire-drawing machine, injection molding machine, extruding machine, vulcanizing machine. 

  • Pharmaceutical and chemical industry

Induction heating for production line of medical infusion bag and plastic equipment. 

  • Energy and food industry

Induction heating for crude oil pipeline, machine for food industry. 

  • Building materials industry

Induction heating for production lines of gas pipe, plastic pipe, PVC tube, Polystyrene foam pipe;

  • Induction heating for PP transparent sheet extrusion;

  • Induction heating for PE plastic rigid flat screen, Geonet unit, automatic hollow molding machine;

  • Induction heating for single and double wall corrugated pipe extrusion production line;

  • Induction heating for composite air cushion film unit. 

  • Dry heating of printing equipment


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