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Induction Water Boiler for Warming

Induction Water Boiler for Warming

Induction Geyser
Induction Geyser
Induction Geyser
Induction Geyser
Induction Geyser
Induction Geyser
Induction Geyser
Induction Geyser
Induction Geyser

4KW~15KW 220V-1P Induction Water Heater



Rated Power: 4kw~20kw

Type & Style: Househole and Commercial Use Style, Wall Mounted Type, Two Types of Outer Shell can be chosen.

Colors: painted colors can be gold, silver, white, black, green, and other colors if quantity order

Main Applications: Keep indoor temperature warm in chilly winter. Induction water heaters would heat water continuously to suppy hot water for circulating underfloor pipes or wall-mounted pipes and then warming the room space temperature in a very comfortable environment.


Variable frequency induction heating water heater, is high frequency of electromagnetic induction heating, water and electricity separate completely. Induction geyser has never leakage by using the anti-electric wall and leakage protection switch. It equips with intelligent automatic temperature control operation to avoid electric bar leakage and other unsafe factors.

The working principle of electromagnetic induction geyser

Induction heating water boiler is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction heating. It uses AC rectification to DC power and then inverts it into high-frequency alternating current. Induction geyser acts on the induction coil to generate an alternating magnetic field. The induction heater body generates countless small eddy currents. The heating furnace (here refers the steel pipe with water passing through) is heated by eddy current collision body, so that the water in the furnace can be heated. There is more than 20mm of insulation material between the water and the coil, but the thermal efficiency can reach 97%, environmental protection and safety, short warm-up time, and fast heating speed.

HITFAR electromagnetic induction water heating systems include: frequency conversion electromagnetic heating controller, intelligent operation control system(PLC), electromagnetic induction heating coil, heater body and protection circuit. Please check the below diagram for your kind references!

Induction Geyser

2. How the induction water heater instead of old coal heating furnace?

Induction Geyser


Main Features of 4-15kw Household Use Style, Wall Mounted Type 4KW~15KW 220V-1P Induction Water Heater :

1. No high voltage leakage: water & electricity seperated completely

2. 4-segment programmable timing function

3. Standard modbus RTU communication protocol

4. Touch Screen & PLC

5. World famous brand Infineon IGBT frequency conversion technology

6. Up to 30 kinds of protection functions

7. Perfect reliability design

8. No noise pollution at all

9. No air pollution at all

10. Energy Saving at least 30% than traditional boilers

Induction Geyser

Advantages and characteristics of electromagnetic induction heating system

1. High efficiency and energy saving: The thermal efficiency is over 90%. Under the same conditions, magnetic induction geyser can save more than 30% of electricity than the resistance heating method, and some even save 80% of electricity. The preheating time can be shortened. 

2. Reliable operation: Multiple closed-loop intelligent control systems and perfect protection systems ensure long-term safe and reliable operation of the equipment. 

3. Reduce production costs: The heating part adopts a cable structure. The heating cable itself does not generate heat and has a long service life. Induction water geyser avoids the need for frequent maintenance and periodic replacement of the heating coil for resistance heating, and there is basically no maintenance cost in the later period. 

4. Improve working environment: The heating part has less heat dissipation, and the surface can be touched by hand, which improves the environmental conditions at the production site. 

5. Intelligent multi-temperature zone control: The electromagnetic heating economizer uses a LCD screen to display the real-time temperature and set temperature range. The built-in chip can intelligently control the heating speed and output power, and can be flexibly adjusted according to the actual situation. 

Ultra-high temperature heating electromagnetic heating coils have been applied to manufacturers of plastic products, plastic films, pipes, profiles and similar industries, and have achieved good results. They have the characteristics of convenient installation and strong interchangeability. Better economic benefits than ever.


Basic Technical Parameter for 4-10KW, 220V-1P Commercial and Household-type, wall-mounted induction water heater/boiler

Rated Power4KW6KW8KW10KW
Input Current18A27A36A45A
Input Voltage220V-1P220V-1P220V-1P220V-1P
Electrical Protection Level33IP33IP33IP33IP
Heat Exchange Rate≧98%≧98%≧98%≧98%
Shell Heat Dissipation Rate≦2%≦2%≦2%≦2%
Maxi. Warming Capacity74L111L148L185L
Maxi. Pressure0.2Mpa0.2Mpa0.2Mpa0.2Mpa
Maxi. Temperature of Water85℃85℃85℃85℃
Low Temperature Protection5℃5℃5℃5℃
Output Volume of Hot Water(65℃)1.3L/min2L/min2.6L/min3.25L/min
Dimension (CM3)63.5x17*3663.5x17*3663.5x17*3663.5x17*36
Input & Output Pipe DiameterDN32DN32DN32DN32
Warming Area30-60m260-80m280-100m2100-120m2
Warming Space60-120m3112-280m3250-300m3300-400m3

Induction Geyser

Basic Technical Parameter for 12-20KW, 380V-3P Commercial and Household-type, wall-mounted induction water heater/boiler

Rated Power12KW15KW20KW
Input Current18A22.5A30A
Input Voltage380V-3P380V-3P380V-3P
Electrical Protection Level33IP33IP33IP
Heat Exchange Rate≧98%≧98%≧98%
Shell Heat Dissipation Rate≦2%≦2%≦2%
Maxi. Warming Capacity225L278L370L
Maxi. Pressure0.2Mpa0.2Mpa0.2Mpa
Maxi. Temperature of Water85℃85℃85℃
Low Temperature Protection5℃5℃5℃
Output Volume of Hot Water(65℃)4.3L/min4.8L/min6.5L/min
Input & Output Pipe DiameterDN32DN32DN32
Warming Area120-150m2150-180m2180-250m2
Warming Space360-480m3530-670m3670-900m3

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