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Induction Water Boiler for Warming

Induction Water Boiler for Warming

Induction Water Boiler for Warming

The separation of water and electricity, long life, energy saving, safe, clean, is the largest hot spot of induction water heater, all terrain, all-weather to provide equipment for customers to use security measures, no leakage and water security risks. Moreover, induction room heater has 10KW-480KW to choose from. 

The working principle of electromagnetic induction water heater

Induction water boiler is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction heating. It uses AC rectification to DC power and then inverts it into high-frequency alternating current. The induction heater body generates countless small eddy currents. The water heating furnace is heated by eddy current collision body, so that the water in the furnace can be heated. There is more than 20mm of insulation material between the water and the coil, but the thermal efficiency can reach 97%, environmental protection and safety, short warm-up time, and fast heating speed. 

Induction water heating system

Induction water heating system includes: frequency conversion electromagnetic heating controller, intelligent operation control system(PLC), electromagnetic induction heating coil, heater body and protection circuit.

Why choose induction water boiler?

1. Magnetic induction water heater, is high frequency of electromagnetic induction heating, water and electricity separate completely. It equips with intelligent automatic temperature control operation to avoid electric bar leakage and other unsafe factors. 

2. The electromagnetic induction heating system has double heating bodies, currently the most advanced heating technology. The heating body use high-precision magnetic stainless steel, the service life of more than 30 years. The core circuit using German IGBT Large modules, 20% energy saving more than the electric tube and electric rods. 

3. Heating speed is about 1 minute, the temperature of the output water up to 60 degrees. Temperature is free to control, the air is more moist and comfortable. 

4. Industrial induction water heater installation is simple and convenient! Two steps:

Step 1: connected to the water pipes;

Step 2: connected to the power. Built-in low voltage protection, high voltage protection, short circuit protection, dry protection, over-temperature protection, antifreeze protection. 

5. Zero pollution - No chemical reaction in the heating process, no noise, no smell, no dust. More energy efficient - electric conversion efficiency is higher. 

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Ultra-high temperature heating electromagnetic heating coils have been applied to manufacturers of plastic products, plastic films, pipes, profiles and similar industries. They have the characteristics of convenient installation and strong interchangeability. Better economic benefits than ever.

Induction heating boiler applications cases

Local Health Center

People's Hospital

Highway Toll Stations

Mining Plant


Copper Mining Plant


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