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About Hitfar

About Hitfar

20years Hitfar Group

20years Hitfar Group

Teamwork in A Group:

- Hitfar Research & Development Center

- Hitfar Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

- Hitfar Machinery Equipment Factory

- Hitfar (Hong Kong) Limited

- Hitfar Power Technology Co., Ltd

The name "Hitfar" was originally conceived in 2002 when our Director Mr. Nien and our General Manage have met the first time in Donnguan City. At the same year they set up "Hitfar Research & Development Center for Induction Heating Technologies in Taiwan. In the next year, they together have established a cooperative company "Hitfar Electronic Technology Co., Ltd." in Dongguan, China. After several years of efforts, we build a factory in Dongguan named" "Hitfar Machinery Equipment Factory" in 2009 and begun to manufacturing induction heaters in quantity. At the same year of 2009, "Hitfar Research & Development Center" has been moved from Taiwan to Dongguan. In the year of 2011, we have moved into the international market and established a trade company "Hitfar (Hong Kong) Limited", who is specialized in foreign trade. Since then, we've exported thousands of induction heating machine to the worldwide like Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, India, South Africa, South America, Russia, Indonesia, Bahrain, and America, Canada, UK and other countries. After 20years of designing and engineering the highest-quality induction heating machine, now we owned 1 Hitfar R &D Center and 4 Hitfar companies as a group of "Hitfar" and working in teams very smoothly. A great deal of our success stems from technology innovation and we see a need of energy saving in the industry and we strive to meet it. We are looking for more chances to cooperate with more foreign friends sincerely.

Effective Heating Solutions

Whole Series of Induction Heating Machines:

- UHF: ultra high frequency 150khz-1100khz from 3.2kw to 160KW

- HF: high frequency 30-100Khz from 15KW to 100KW

- SF: super-audio frequency 7-35Khz from 16KW to 320KW

- MF: medium frequency IGBT 1-20Khz from 15kw to 300kw

- KGPS: low frequency SCR 0.4-4Khz from 50kw to 3000kw

All the above induction heating machine need water-cooled and widely used in metal quenching and surface heat treatment, annealing, brazing, smelting, hot forging, hot assembly, thermal spraying, polymer diffusion welding and many other thermal processing techniques. We can also offer other supporting devices and tool machines like infrared temperature controller, auto feeding transferring workpieces devices, CNC quenching tooling machine etc.

Since 2003 we've successfully debugged and tested the first model: 15kw high frequency induction heating machine, up till now we've developed a whole series of induction heating machines with professionalism. We have confidences to solve all the heating projects with our professional technician's supports. Based on rich practical production experiences, continually introducing of advanced technology and stably implementing a proper management system, we've improved many aspects of production process from the old induction heating machines and made our induction heater controllers more professional, reliable and advanced through great efforts of our whole teamwork. Meanwhile, we have become one of the largest suppliers of induction heating machine in the domestic market and gradually marched into the international market widely.

Advanced Technologies – New Chances

Advanced Technologies – New Chances

Energy Saving Rate at 30% ~ 80%!

Core Technologies - A combination of Germany, Japan and Hitfar

Famous Brands of Main Components- Siemens & Fuji IGBT Modules & Rectifier Bridges

As time passing, more and more industries have accepted induction heating to replace tradition heating like resistance wire heating, oil or coal heating etc because we've proved to them the induction heating would save at least 30% electricity or cost and in some cases it can save up to 80% electricity or cost than other ways. The most important point is that induction heating would have zero pollution to the surrounding environment. Everybody knows the environment protection is the very serious problem for human being. But there's still a problem of cost need to solve, that is, the water-cooled induction heating controllers are relatively expensive in some degrees. Then, our R & D Center have designed a new type of induction heating main controller which can work without water cooling and only need aluminum sink and fan for cooling. We even don't have to connect water cooling to the induction coil if the working temperature not high than 600C degrees. That's why our EH air-cooled electromagnetic induction heaters come to the market!

The 30%~80% Energy-Saving Electromagnetic induction heating System first has been widely used in the plastics and rubber industry at the beginning and then gradually be used in more and more areas like pharmaceutical and chemical industry, energy and food industry, building materials industry, dry heating of printing equipment and many other industries!

New & Hot

EH-HB Electromagnetic Heating Water Boiler

It's mainly for heating normal water to hot water circulating underground or wall mounted pipes for get the room space warming or water for swimming pool or other usage.

EH-SG Electromagnetic Heating Steam Generator

The steam generator is heating water to high temperature of 160C degrees and then water becoming steam and coming out for other usages like cleaning and washing, steaming food etc.. It has been widely applied in textile industry, food machinery industry, biochemical industry, service washing industry and other industries need steam.

EH-BH electromagnetic heating hot blast heater

The hot blast heater is heating the air to high temperature over 100C degrees or higher to 300C degrees and supply hot air for the greenhouses and factories for dry food like tea leaves, medicinal materials and other occasions. It is suitable for chemical and pharmaceutical, food and feed, metal spraying, agriculture, animal husbandry, wood and leather, industrial and mining heating, general machinery and equipment, automation equipment and other occasions.

Why Choose Us?

Cultivating Relationships – A Key to Success

60% + of our customers have a cooperation relationship with Hitfar for more than 10years!

80% + of our engineers have been working in Hitfar for 10 to 15 years!

Technology research and development and manufacturing leading edge induction heater or induction heating machine is just one fact of our business growth. We couldn't do well if we don't have a reliable strong network of customers, distributors, vendors, employees, and industry associates.

To our customers we offer an endless stream of technology supports and services like online training and problem solving by our salesmen and engineers. We can go aboard to install and debug the machine if our customers ask so before the CODVID-19 outbreaks.

We keep striving for attracting the best employees in the company. We have many of our team members who have been working with us for over 10 years, and some 15+ years! Meanwhile, we're continuing to welcome new faces, and create a place where people look forward to working together. And then we can build higher quality of induction heating machine for our users and customers..

Why Choose Us?

Since 2003 we've been dedicated to providing the best heating solutions and support in the energy saving industries. We embrace advancements in technology and use them to design and manufacture the most sophisticated and easy-to-use induction heaters. In addition to our high-quality systems, Hitfar is recognized as having the most experienced and knowledgeable sales and technical support teams in the region.

As technologies evolve and customer needs become more sophisticated, we realize the importance of continuing education and communications in the induction heating industry. We have attended the domestic and overseas exhibitions every year and also have a monthly engineering training course monthly.

We have 4 assembling lines and 1 circuit board production line with our experienced engineers to check the production processing and testing all the induction heater in the testing room for over 72hours. All resolutely implement with the standard of ISO9001:2000 international quality system for quality management. We've also committed to establishing a nationwide after-sales service network, so that customers can enjoy the "Hitfar Technology" unified high-quality after-sales service system in any area in a timely and comprehensive manner.

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