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Induction Heater Main Controller

Induction Heater Main Controller

60Kw-200Kw, Cabinet Type 3 phases Magnetic Induction Heating Power Control Panel


Model No.: ZG-EH60-200 Cabinet-type

Rated voltage frequency: 380V-3P, 50Hz/60Hz (415V/440V/480V can be customized)

Rated power:60KW~200KW

Main Components: Main controller with temperature controller and sensor, A/V meter, ON/OFF


60Kw-200Kw, Cabinet Type 3 phases Magnetic Induction Heating Power Control Panel

Communication Function of Magnetic Induction Heating Power Control Panel:

1. Real-time tracking protection - RS232/RS485 communication function

The Magnetic Induction Heating Power Control Panel has equipped with RS232/RS485C interface and communication protocol. Through RS232/RS485, communication control can be realized, and it can coordinate with other equipment to complete the special process control of the heating object.

2. Modular and user-friendly convenient design - complete user interface

The user interface of the device includes isolated digital input and output interface, relay contact output interface, isolated analog input interface, and RS232/RS485 communication interface. The external alarm and fault signals of the device are output by the relay contact signal. Through the user interface, functions such as remote control and central control to print out temperature curve data can be easily realized.


60Kw-200Kw, Cabinet Type 3 phases Magnetic Induction Heating Power Control Panel

Rate Power.TypeInput VoltageDiameter of wireEffective Length of wire
60KWfull bridgeCabinet Type380V-3P, 50/60Hz35~50mm240-60m
70KWfull bridgeCabinet Type380V-3P, 50/60Hz50mm240-60m
80KWfull bridgeCabinet Type380V-3P, 50/60Hz50mm240-65m
90KWfull bridgeCabinet Type380V-3P, 50/60Hz75mm240-70m
100KWfull bridgeCabinet Type380V-3P, 50/60Hz75mm240-80m
120KWfull bridgeCabinet Type380V-3P, 50/60Hz90mm240-80m
140KWfull bridgeCabinet Type380V-3P, 50/60Hz90mm240-100m
160KWfull bridgeCabinet Type380V-3P, 50/60Hz120mm240-100m
180KWfull bridgeCabinet Type380V-3P, 50/60Hz120mm240-100m
200KWfull bridgeCabinet Type380V-3P, 50/60Hz150mm240-120m

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