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Induction Heater Main Controller

Induction Heater Main Controller

8KW/220V-1P Full Bridge Electromagnetic Induction Heater
8KW/220V-1P Full Bridge Electromagnetic Induction Heater
8KW/220V-1P Full Bridge Electromagnetic Induction Heater

8KW/220V-1P Full Bridge Electromagnetic Induction Heater


Model No.: ZG-EH08-2 (220V-1P, full bridge)

Rated voltage frequency: 220V-1P, 50Hz/60Hz

Rated power: 8kW

Adapt to ambient temperature: -20~40°C

Adapt to ambient humidity: ≤95%

Power adjustment range: 20%~100%

Thermal conversion efficiency: ≥98%


Full bridge 8KW/220V electromagnetic induction heating main controller. It is a digital electromagnetic induction heating system developed by Hitfar Technology based on the Hitfar's fifth-generation DSP control platform. Compared with the previous electromagnetic induction heating control board, it adopts all-digital arithmetic processing, German famous brand Infineon IGBT module for driving power, and all-digital phase-locked tracking technology. It has the characteristics of high performance and stability, higher thermal efficiency, easy installation and low failure rate. It has a wide range of applications, beautiful appearance, convenient installation, simple debugging and reliable application. It can be widely used in heating, plastic machinery, rubber equipment, chemical industry, mold, commercial induction cooker, various pipeline heating, plane heating crude oil transportation and other similar heating industries.


8KW/220V-1P Full Bridge Electromagnetic Induction Heater

NO.Model NO.:ZG-EH08-2
1Rated Power:8KW
2Rated Input Voltage:AC 220V-1P
3Input Current:36A
4Working oscillation frequency:3-40KHZ (10-18Khz is the best range.)
5Loading Inductance:200-250uH
6Coil wire request:10mm2 copper core*30 meters long
7Working Voltage Range:180V~240V
8Working Environment Temperature:-20℃~50℃
9Heating Exchange Rate:≤95%
10Current & Voltage Working Condition:Constantly
12IGBT/MOSFET Temp. Protection:75℃
13Work mode:automatically working, constantly heating
14The waves rushed to protect:1500V

8KW/220V-1P Full Bridge Electromagnetic Induction Heater

Wire Connection Instructions:

1. The R/S interface of the external terminal of the controller (air connector) is the start interface. When the two terminals are short-circuited, it will start, and when it is disconnected, it will stop. (Of course, it can also be set to stop when it is short-circuited, and work when it is disconnected, which can be set through the F-02 command.) Generally, it is connected to the output dry contact of the thermostat.

2. The R/S interface can also be used as an external switch to start and stop.

3. The LED interface is an external 12V~24V DC (direct current) working indicator.

4. After connecting the power supply and the coil, pay attention: the OUT1 end of the coil must be connected to the transformer, otherwise the E-01 alarm will occur.

5. When the R/S interface does not need to be externally shorted to start, it can also be started directly. Press and hold the red "return" button in the lower right corner for three seconds to start the work, and press it again to stop.

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