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Induction Heater Main Controller

Induction Heater Main Controller

2.5KW Electromagnetic Induction Heating Main Controller
2.5KW Electromagnetic Induction Heating Main Controller
2.5KW Electromagnetic Induction Heating Main Controller

2.5KW Electromagnetic Induction Heating Main Controller


Model No.: ZG-EH2.5

Rated Power:2KW -2.5KW -3KW can be set

Input Voltage: 220V-1P

Induction Coil Request: made from copper core resistance wire of 4mm2 copper core*20-23meters long, inductance of 100-150uH.


All-digital and programmable display

Power adjustable from 20% to 80%

Interface for PID and PLC control

Auto mode: auto control heating speed and heating temperature

2.5KW Electromagnetic Induction Heating Main Controller

The advantages of 2.5kw electromagnetic induction heater

2.5KW all-digital electromagnetic induction heater controller, which can set up the power from 2kw to 3kw, has made significant improvements to inherit the traditional half-bridge circuit that has been in place for 15 years. The dual-core half-bridge drive structure has the characteristics of integration, intelligence, simple and convenient installation and debugging, and flexible control. It is an ideal and preferred product for heating the barrels or pipes of small injection molding machines and extruders with the advantage of energy-saving at least 30% to 80% than traditional resistance wire heating mode.


2.5KW Electromagnetic Induction Heating Main Controller

Basic Technical Parameters

NO.Model No.:ZG-EH2.5
1Rated power:2.5kw

Rated input voltage:AC220V/50HZ

Input voltage range:100v~260v, constantly output power when input voltage at 210v-260v

Acceptable working temperature:-20c degrees to 50c degrees

Acceptable working humidity:≤ 95%

Working power adjust range:20%~100% adjustable

Heat exchange rate:≥ 95%

Effective power:≥ 85%

Output working frequency:5-40Khz

Main circuit structure:Half-bridge series resonance

Controlling system:Digital Phase Locked Automatic Tracking Control Based on AVR Microcontroller

Application mode:Open application platform

Display:Programmable digital display

Start-up time<1S

Instantaneous over-current protection time:≤2uS

Power overload protection:130% instantaneous protection

Soft-start mode:1. With complete electrical isolation soft-start heating/stop mode
2. With 12V and 24V input start/stop mode

Support PID adjustment power:Identify 0-5V input voltage

Support 0-150℃ load temperature:detection with an accuracy of ±1℃

Dimension:L 190*W 120*H 100 (including fan)

Adapter coil parameters:4mm2, length 20-23m, inductance 100-150uH

The gap between induction coil and the part need to be heated by induction heater (thickness of insulation cotton) is 20-25mm when you make round induction coil, 15-20mm when flat induction coil, and 15-20mm when ellipse induction coil and 10-15mm, within 10mm when super elliptical induction coil.

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