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Induction Heater Main Controller

Induction Heater Main Controller

5KW/220V-1P Energy Saving Electromagnetic Induction Heater


Model No.: ZG-EH05

Rated Power: 5KW

Input Power: 220V-1P, 50 or 60Hz

Heating Temperature: maximum to 1000℃

Full Digital Controlling Functions:

-  PID input (0-5V): for input of infrared temperature control or thermocouple sensor temperature control (0-5V), to achieve temperature display and control power.

- RS485 Modbus interface


5KW/220V-1P Energy Saving Electromagnetic Induction Heater

NO.Model NO.:ZG-EH05
1Rated Power:5KW
2Rated Input Voltage:AC 220V-1P
3Input Current:20-22A
4Working oscillation frequency:3-40KHZ (10-18Khz is the best range.)
5Loading Inductance:60-80uH
6Coil wire request:10mm2 copper core*13-15meters long
7Working Voltage Range:180V~240V
8Working Environment Temperature:-20℃~60℃
9Heating Exchange Rate:≤95%
10Current & Voltage Working Condition:Constantly
12IGBT/MOSFET Temp. Protection:75℃
13Work mode:automatically working, constantly heating
14The waves rushed to protect:1500V

5KW/220V-1P Energy Saving Electromagnetic Induction Heater

Installation & Adjustment Method

After connect to input voltage live wires and 2ends of induction coil: start to work, the display will show the input working current at first. We recommended test the actual input current by AVO meter to confirm if it is within the rated current range. Press once the green button to show working frequency , the normal range is between 10-45kHz, best working frequency is between 10~20KHz. The length of coil wire is too short if frequency higher than 20KHz and too long if less than 10Khz. Make a bigger gap between coil and the workpiec0 e by adding thicker insulation wool or make the coil wire gap wider if working current is too small and frequency within normal range.

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