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Ultra High Frequency Induction Heater

Ultra High Frequency Induction Heater

ZG-UHF Series 10KW to 100KW /80-250KHZ Ultra-High Frequency Induction Heating Brazing Machine (Water Cooling)


Model No.: ZG-UHF10, ZG-UHF20, ZG-UHF30, ZG-UHF40, ZG-UHF60, ZG-UHF80, ZG-UHF100

Rated Power: 19kw, 30kw, 40kw, 60kw, 80kw, 100kw

Main Function: heat treatment for any metal parts.

Main Advantage: frequency higher to 200Khz or every higher to 250Khz, very good at surface hardening and quenching

Main Components: Induction Heating Main Controller + Transformer/Heating Station + Induction Coil + Water Cooler

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Induction brazing is the process of using induction heating to connect two or more metals. Induction heating uses electromagnetic fields to provide heat without contact or flames. Compared with the traditional brazing process, induction brazing machine is more localized, repeated and easier to automate.

High frequency induction brazing machine applications

1. High frequency induction welding and brazing or different tools.

2. High-frequency quenching treatment for various auto parts and motorcycle parts.

4. High frequency heating of various hydraulic components and pneumatic components.

5. Quenching treatment of plugs, rotors of rotor pumps; reversing shafts on various valves, gears of gear pumps, etc.

6. Heat treatment of various metal parts. Such as gears, sprockets, spline shafts, pins, etc.

7. Quenching treatment of machine rails in the machine tool industry.

ZG-UHF Series 10KW to 100KW /80-250KHZ Ultra-High Frequency Induction Heating Brazing Machine (Water Cooling)


1. The metal objects can be instantly heated to any temperature required, can reach to the metal's melting point;

2. It is not necessary to generate high temperature first and then heat the metal object heated by it, as other heating methods, can directly generate high temperature in the metal object;

3. High frequency induction brazing machine can not only heat the metal object as a whole, but also selectively heat each part locally;

4. Induction heating is a revolution of heating method. It is also electric heating, but it can save 40% of electricity than electric furnaces and electric ovens:

High Frequency Induction Brazing Machine

1. Portable induction brazing machine uses the HMI touch screen, all work data can be displayed on the touch screen.

2. The working environment is very clean, no light fire, no gas, green and environmentally friendly, improving workers' safety.

3. High heating efficiency: Induction heating equipment for brazing has extremely high coupling coefficients, reduce consumption and save power.

4. Meet the high-intensity automation working environment. The installation is very simple, portable, and better heat dissipation.

5. Combine the portable induction brazing equipment and industrial cold water machine. It is convenient to move and complete the heating welding operation flexibly.

6. Complex workpiece welding: Portable induction brazing machines with remote water-cooled cables can complete complex workpieces welding, which can achieve long-range welding operations, and welding is more accurate.

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Maxi. Oscillating Power10KW20KW30KW40KW60KW80KW100KW
Oscillating Frequency80-250KHZ80-200KHZ50-150KHZ
Input VoltageThree Phases, 380V±10%
Loading100% (24hour continuously work)
Input Current Frequency50Hz or 60Hz
Heating or Retaining Time1-99.9 seconds or N
Cooling Water Temperature5~50℃
Cooling Water Desire≥0.2Mpa, ≥3L/Min≥0.2Mpa, ≥6~10L/Min≥0.2Mpa, ≥10L/Min≥0.3Mpa, ≥20L/Min
Net. Weight (KGs)18181819353944

ZG-UHF Series 10KW to 100KW /80-250KHZ Ultra-High Frequency Induction Heating Brazing Machine (Water Cooling)

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