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Ultra High Frequency Induction Heater

Ultra High Frequency Induction Heater

Induction Tempering Machine
Induction Tempering Machine

40KW/50KW/60KW 200KHz Ultra-High Frequency Induction Heater


Model No.:ZG-UHF40/50/60

Rated Power: 40kw 50kw 60kw as per unit

Main Function: heating/brazing/hardening/quenching/annealing for fine and thin metal parts and melting for small amount of precious metals like platinum, gold, silver, copper.

Main Advantage: super high frequency up to 200Khz surface quenching and hardening layer is thinner than 1mm or 2mm, heating speed at seconds, continuously working type.

Main Components: Induction Heating Main Controller + Heating Station(Transformer)+ Induction Coil + Water Cooler


Built with precision, induction tempering machine boasts 40KW, 50KW, or 60KW power options. The heart of its operation lies in the German IGBT module or Japanese Fuji IGBT module, ensuring unwavering performance. From annealing to tempering, water cooled induction heating equipment adapts to various heat treatment processes.

Induction Tempering Machine Applications

1. Welding or brazing: for copper tubes, brass pipes, steel conne 1ctor etc.

2. Quenching/hardening: Ultra-High Frequency Induction Heater is very suitable for hardening or quenching of glasses frames, jewelry connector, watches surface, fishing gear and tackle.

3. Annealing or tempering: continuously annealing for steel wires or tubes, copper wires or tubes, brass wires and tubes and stainless steel products with a high speed and non-stop.

4. Melting or smelting: 40KW/50KW/60KW 200KHz high frequency induction furnace can do melting or smelting or refining for gold, silver, platinum and various other precious metals. 

5. Forging or heat thoroughly: 200Khz high frequency induction heat treatment machine can do heating small metal parts thoroughly for forging etc.

6. Shrink fitting:

Ultrahigh Frequency Induction Heating Machine 60KW, Induction Tempering Machine


40KW/50KW/60KW 200KHz Ultra-High Frequency Induction Heater adopts German IGBT module or Japanese Fuji IGBT module as the power source driving parts, and advanced technologies core combined with Japan and Germany and Hitfar Group. We can make the output oscillation frequency higher to 180Khz or even 200Khz, which have already made a big step in high frequency induction heating fields. So that our Ultra-High Frequency Induction Heating Machine can do heat treatment in wider ranges. 

Induction tempering machine advantages:

1. Unmatched Precision: With precise temperature control and even heat distribution, achieve consistent and reliable results every time.

2. Efficiency Amplified: Elevate productivity with rapid heating cycles and minimal energy wastage, optimizing your operational efficiency.

3. Enhanced Material Properties: Experience improved material hardness, strength, and durability through controlled heating and quenching.

4. Space-Saving Design: Compact and intelligently designed, our induction heating equipment maximizes your workspace utilization, a valuable asset in any setting.

Ultrahigh Frequency Induction Heating Machine 60KW, Induction Tempering Machine

 Model No. ZG-UHF40 ZG-UHF50 ZG-UHF60
 Rated Power 40KW50KW 60KW
 Input Power380V/50-60Hz, 3P 380V/50-60Hz, 3P 380V/50-60Hz, 3P
 Working Voltage Range 360V-410V 360V-410V 360V-410V
Input Ampere 60A 75A 85-90A
Output Power 3-40kw 5-50kw 8-60kw
Oscillation Frequency 50-200KHz 50-200KHz50-200KHz
Heating/Retaining time 0.1-99S 0.1-99S 0.1-99S
Water Cooling Request 0.2Mpa 0.2Mpa 0.2Mpa
Net Weight (Main Controller) 50kg 53kg 56kg
Net Weight (Transformer) 27kg 28kg 30kg
Net Dimension (Main Controller) 640*350*550 640*350*550 640*350*550
Net Dimension (Transformer) 510*300*450 510*300*450  510*300*450

P.S. The Input Power can be customized of 440V, 3phases or 480V, 3phases according to the users' request.

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