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Ultra High Frequency Induction Heater

Ultra High Frequency Induction Heater

80KW-120KW, 80-200KHZ Ultra-High Frequency Induction Heating Hardening Machine (Water Cooling)
80KW-120KW, 80-200KHZ Ultra-High Frequency Induction Heating Hardening Machine (Water Cooling)

80KW-120KW, 80-200KHZ Ultra-High Frequency Induction Heating Hardening Machine (Water Cooling)


Model No.: ZG-UHF80, ZG-UHF100, ZG-UHF120

Rated Power: 80kw, 100kw, 120kw

Main Function: surface hardening, quenching and any other kind of heat treatment.

Main Advantage: Output oscillation frequency higher to 80- 200Khz , the best machine for surface hardening, normally match with CNC quenching tool machine for automatically working.

Main Components: Main Power Controller + Transformer/Heating Station + Induction Coil + Water Cooler


High frequency induction furnace has the remarkable ability to heat the entire workpiece or selectively target specific areas. This precise control translates into significantly lower power consumption, saving you valuable resources.

POWER: this light is on when the control power switch is on.

OPERATE: this one is flashing briefly and beeps have been heard constantly when the high frequency induction machine is working.


PHASE FAIL: this light is on shows that 3-phase has failed. If it is single phase, this light will be useless.

SHORT CIRCUIT: When the light is on and the alarm is given, the IGBT module of the regulating part may be damaged, or the short circuit sensor may be damaged. Please consult our company for repair.

OVER TEMP: When the temperature of these components is lower than 55 ℃, the alarm will be automatically lifted, and the overheat indicator light will go out.

WATER FAIL: The light would be on and beeps would been heard if water flows too slow or pipes are blocked, the high frequency hardening machine would stop automatically.

OVER CURRENT: the following six conditions may be happened when the light is on:

①signal interfered;

②the internal temperature being too high;

③breaking down of the machine;

④the soft induction ring been short circuited because the crucible or other metallic parts been touched the soft induction ring;

⑤two cycles of the ring been touched each other;

⑥input voltage is too much lower or overloaded.

(Will be Continued in ZG-UHF160)

High Frequency Induction Furnace


1. Ultra high frequency induction heating machine not only can heat the whole workpiece, but also selectively local heating only parts of it. Thus can achieve the goal of low power consumption.

2. Due to its high speed of heating, the deformation of workpiece is not exist or not obvious.

3. The fast heating speed even in less than 1 second, thus the surface oxidation and decarbonization of the workpiece are relatively light, and most cases without gas protection.

4. Temperature rises very quick, which can make the workpiece in a very short time to reach the required temperature,  

5. the surface hardened layer can be adjusted by adjusting the working frequency and power of the induction heating equipment. Therefore, the martensite structure of the hardened layer is fine, and the hardness, strength and toughness are relatively high. 

High Frequency Induction Furnace

 Model No. ZG-UHF80 ZG-UHF100 ZG-UHF120
 Rated Power 80KW 80KW120KW
 Input Power380V/50-60Hz, 3P380V/50-60Hz, 3P 380V/50-60Hz, 3P
 Working Voltage Range 360V-410V 360V-410V 360V-410V
Input Ampere 60A 60A 75A
Output Power 10-80kw 10-100kw 10-120kw
Oscillation Frequency 80-200KHz 80-200KHz 80-200KHz
Heating/Retaining time 0.1-99S 0.1-99S 0.1-99S
Water Cooling Request 0.2Mpa 0.2Mpa 0.2Mpa
Net Weight (Main Controller) 50kg 50kg 53kg
Net Weight (Transformer) 27kg 27kg 35kg
Net Dimension (Main Controller) 640*380*550 640*380*550 640*380*550
Net Dimension (Transformer)  510*330*500  510*330*500 510*350*555

P.S. The Input Power can be customized of 440V, 3phases or 480V, 3phases according to the users' request.

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