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Induction Water Boiler for Warming

Induction Water Boiler for Warming

20KW/25KW/30KW 380V-3P Cabinet Type Electromagnetic Induction Heating Water Boiler/Room Warming Furnace


Model No.: ZG-EH20HB-C, ZG-EH25HB-C, ZG-EH30HB-C

Rated Power: 20kw/30KW/30kw

Working Principle: Electromagnetic Heating Water to Hot and Circulating underfloor pipes or wall-mounted pipes for warming the room space temperature in a very comfortable environment.

Main Features: PLC and touch screen control, water and electricity totally separated with no dangerous at all.

Extra Function: Induction Heating Water Boiler can be connect to Wi-Fi remote control


Two Installation Methods of Electromagnetic Heating Water Furnace

Electromagnetic heating water boiler will gradually replace the electric heating or coal fired furnace for hot water due to its advantages of high thermal efficiency, separation of water and electricity, and rapid temperature rise. One of the outstanding advantages is it can save at least 30% electricity than other type of electric heating. Furthermore, the installation methods are convenient and flexible. There are two main ways to install electromagnetic heating stoves as flowing:

1. Regenerative heating installation: it needs to install a hot water storage tank. The advantage is that in areas where peak and valley electricity prices are implemented, electricity with low valley electricity prices can be used to heat heating water and store it in the hot water storage tank. , to be used during the peak electricity price heating period, saving the electricity cost of heating.

20KW/25KW/30KW 380V-3P Cabinet Type Electromagnetic Induction Heating Water Boiler/Room Warming Furnace

2. Direct-supply heating installation: Direct-supply heating only needs to simply connect the original heating system and replace the traditional heating boiler.

In short, the electromagnetic heating furnace only needs to connect the original pipeline to achieve safe heating, which has the characteristics of saving space and convenient and flexible installation. I believe that through the intuitive examples, everyone must have a deep impression on the convenient and flexible installation of electromagnetic heating furnaces.


20KW/25KW/30KW 380V-3P Cabinet Type Electromagnetic Induction Heating Water Boiler/Room Warming Furnace

Model No.
Rated PowerkW20kW30kW
Rated Input CurrentA3045
Frequency of Input PowerV/Hz380/50, 3phases380/50, 3phases
Input Live Wiremm2≧16≧16
Electrical Protection LevelIP3333
Heat Exchange Rate%≧98≧98
Shell Heat Dissipation%≦2≦2
Maxi. Capacity of Hot WaterL370555
Maxi. Water PressureMpa0.60.6
Mini Flow Volume of PumpL/min4060
Expansion Tank CapacityL2030
Maxi Temp. Of Hot Water9595
Protection Temp. Of Water55
Output Hot Water ( 65℃)L/min6.59.75
Dimension (H*W*T)mm710*400*1300710*400*1300
Input & Output PipeDN4040
Warming Aream2200-250240-300
Warming Spacem3600-900900-1200
Electricity MeterA40A,1P60A,1P

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