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Induction Heater Main Circuit Board

Induction Heater Main Circuit Board

10Kw/12Kw/15Kw, 380V-3P Induction Heater Main Circuit Board
10Kw/12Kw/15Kw, 380V-3P Induction Heater Main Circuit Board
10Kw/12Kw/15Kw, 380V-3P Induction Heater Main Circuit Board

10Kw/12Kw/15Kw, 380V-3P Induction Heater Main Circuit Board


Model No.: ZG-EH10-B, ZG-EH12-B, ZG-EH15-B

Rated voltage frequency: 380V-3P, 50Hz/60Hz (415V/440V/480V can be customized)

Rated power: 10kw, 12kW, 15KW

Power adjustment range: 20%~100%

Main Components: Main Circuit + Aluminium Sink + Digital Display + Cooling Fan (Without Steel Box)


Induction heater circuit consists of several components, including an oscillator, a power inverter, and a coil. When electric current passes through the coil, it creates a powerful magnetic field that causes eddy currents in the conductive material, which in turn generates heat. The heat generated is highly localized, allowing for precise control and efficient heating.

Induction heater circuits are used in a range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, and metallurgy. They are commonly used for induction heating applications such as annealing, soldering, brazing, and forging. Induction water heater circuits are suitable for residential and commercial water heating applications, as they offer high energy efficiency and reduce the risk of scale deposits in the heating system.


Electromagnetic heating, we also called induction heating, is a kind of non-contact heating mode. Its working principle is to convert electrical power into electromagnetic power through circuit control and then the electromagnetic wave the ferrous material converting electromagnetic power into heat energy, so that the heating goal achieved. The traditional heating is a kind of heating, which transferring not convert heating from the fired resistance wires or gas, has a bigger heating loss during transferring process.

Induction heaters are also highly versatile and can be used for a wide range of heating applications, including melting and casting non-ferrous metals, hardening and tempering of metals, and heating of composite materials.

10Kw/12Kw/15Kw, 380V-3P Induction Heater Main Circuit Board

NO.Model NO.:ZG-EH10-BZG-EH12-BZG-EH15-B
1Rated Power:10KW12KW15KW
2Rated Input Voltage:AC380V-3PAC 380V-3PAC 380V-3P
3Input Current:5-6A8A12A
4Working oscillation frequency:3-40KHZ3-40KHZ3-40KHZ
5Loading Inductance:170-200uH160-180uH150-170uH
6Coil wire request:10mm2 copper core*35-45 meters long16mm2 copper core*22-43 meters long16mm2 copper core*33-43 meters long
7Working Voltage Range:330V~420V330V~420V330V~420V
8Working Environment Temperature:-20℃~50℃-20℃~50℃-20℃~50℃
9Heating Exchange Rate:≤97%≤97%≤97%
10Current & Voltage Working Condition:ConstantlyConstantlyConstantly
12IGBT/MOSFET Temp. Protection:75℃75℃75℃
13Work mode:automatically working, constantly heatingautomatically working, constantly heatingautomatically working, constantly heating
14The waves rushed to protect:1500V1500V1500V

10Kw/12Kw/15Kw, 380V-3P Induction Heater Main Circuit Board

As a professional induction heater circuits supplier, Hitfar offers a range of services to support our customers, including design and engineering assistance, training, and technical support. We work closely with our customers to ensure that they have the induction heating equipment and expertise necessary to achieve their heating objectives.

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