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Induction Heater Main Circuit Board

Induction Heater Main Circuit Board

20Kw-30Kw, 380V/3 phases Induction Heating Main Circuit Board
20Kw-30Kw, 380V/3 phases Induction Heating Main Circuit Board

20Kw-30Kw, 380V/3 phases Induction Heating Main Circuit Board


Model No.: ZG-EH20-B, ZG-EH25-B, ZG-EH25-B

Match for Power: 20~30KW

Rated Voltage: 380V-3P, 50Hz/60Hz (415V/440V/480V can be customized)

Topological Structure: half bridge

Main Components: Main Circuit Board + Spare Parts


Our cutting-edge half bridge induction heater circuit employs advanced technology to provide high-quality induction heating performance. With its innovative design, this induction heating board ensures that your industrial applications receive the precise heating that they require.

Not only does our induction heating solution offer exceptional heating performance, but it also boasts a number of advantages over other heating methods. 

1. High Efficiency: Our induction heater circuit delivers highly efficient heating, minimizing energy waste and reducing your overall operating costs.

2. Fast Heating: The induction heating process is incredibly fast, allowing for rapid heating of your materials and increased productivity.

3. Precise Heating: With our half bridge induction heater circuit, you can be sure that your materials receive the exact heating they require, resulting in consistent and accurate results.

4. Versatile Application: Our induction heating solution is ideal for a wide range of industrial applications, including welding, forging, melting, and more.

As a professional half bridge induction heater circuit supplier, Hitfar takes pride in providing our customers with high-quality, reliable induction heating products and solutions. Whether you are looking to improve your manufacturing processes or increase your overall efficiency, our 20Kw-30Kw, 380V/3 phases half bridge induction heater circuit is the ideal choice for your industrial needs.


In order to popularize the electromagnetic heating technology and Hitfar Technology has launched a general high-power electromagnetic heating control board for our customers who has the abilities to assembling the whole set of induction heaters on their own hands., so that they can save cost of transportation etc. The series of induction heater control boards can be half-bridge or full-bridge topological structure. The control core adopts high-speed IGBT driver and AVR-based full digital control chip, which can drive 100-300A 1200V IGBT modules, and power ranging from 10-100KW. 

20Kw-30Kw, 380V/3 phases Induction Heating Main Circuit Board

The half-bridge driver board contains electrostatic sensitive components.

1. Eliminate static electricity from your body before touching these with your hands

2. No plastic, vinyl and Styrofoam (except antistatic type) around the printed circuit board.

3. Do not touch components or conductors on the printed circuit board with your hands or conductors.

4. Do not connect the power input to the high frequency output terminal.

5. Do not touch the IC circuits that control the driver board, static electricity is likely to damage these circuits.

6. The ambient temperature should not be higher than 60℃, and it should be dry and ventilated

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