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Apr. 01,

Medium Frequency Induction Furnace: Working Principle and Application

Working Principle of Medium Frequency Induction Furnace

Medium frequency induction furnace is a kind of three-phase power frequency alternating current, rectified into direct current, and then the direct current into an adjustable current, supplying the alternating current flowing through the capacitor and the induction coil, and generating high density in the induction coil.


The magnetic lines of force intersect and cut through the metal material within the induction coil, generating significant eddy currents within the metal. These eddy currents exhibit characteristics similar to medium-frequency currents, wherein the free electrons within the metal flow through its resistive body, thereby producing heat.


The medium-frequency electric furnace employs a medium-frequency power supply to generate a magnetic field, inducing eddy currents within ferromagnetic materials and thereby generating heat to heat the material. This furnace utilizes a medium-frequency power supply ranging from 200 to 2500Hz for tasks such as induction heating, melting, and heat preservation. Primarily used for smelting carbon steel, alloy steel, and special steel, it can also handle non-ferrous metals like copper and aluminum. This equipment is characterized by its compact size, lightweight construction, high efficiency, low power consumption, rapid melting and heating capabilities, easy temperature control, and high production efficiency.


The furnace offers constant power output, resulting in faster melting speeds and more noticeable energy savings. It utilizes zero-voltage sweep software, making it well-suited for frequent start-up needs. Comprehensive protection measures, including over-current, over-voltage, current-limiting, pressure-limiting, water shortage, and equal protection, guarantee reliable equipment operation while maintaining optimal melting speeds. The operation is straightforward, making it suitable for various casting processes.


Medium-frequency electric furnaces

Medium-frequency electric furnaces are suitable for various applications:


1. Heating and forging standard parts.

2. Melting various metal materials.

3. Coordinating the heating of motor rotors.

4. Expanding heating pipes at the end of steel pipes.

5. Heating dies.

6. Quenching shafts using medium frequency.

7. Preheating welds or tempering after welding, among other uses.


Applications of Medium Frequency Induction Furnace

1. Metal Melting and Casting:

One of the primary applications of medium frequency induction furnaces is in the melting and casting of metals. These furnaces are commonly used in foundries and metalworking facilities to melt various metals, including iron, steel, aluminum, copper, and alloys. The precise control over temperature and heating rate offered by medium frequency induction furnaces ensures uniform melting and high-quality castings.


2. Heat Treatment: 

Medium frequency induction furnaces are also utilized in heat treatment processes, such as annealing, quenching, and tempering. By controlling the heating and cooling rates with precision, these furnaces can achieve desired metallurgical properties in metals, such as hardness, strength, and ductility. Heat treatment is essential for enhancing the performance and durability of components in industries like automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing.


3. Forging and Forming: 

In addition to melting and heat treatment, medium frequency induction furnaces are employed in forging and forming applications. The rapid and uniform heating provided by these furnaces facilitates the shaping and deformation of metals into desired shapes and dimensions. Industries involved in the production of automotive parts, machinery, and heavy equipment rely on medium frequency induction furnaces for efficient and precise forging processes.


4. Brazing and Soldering: 

Medium frequency induction furnaces are also utilized in brazing and soldering applications, where two or more metal components are joined together using a filler material with a lower melting point. The induction heating process ensures localized heating at the joint interface, resulting in strong and durable bonds between the materials. Industries such as electronics, plumbing, and jewelry manufacturing benefit from the precise control and efficiency of medium frequency induction brazing and soldering.




In conclusion, medium frequency induction furnaces offer a versatile and efficient solution for various industrial heating and melting applications. By harnessing the principles of electromagnetic induction, these furnaces provide rapid and uniform heating of conductive materials, enabling precise control over temperature and heating rates. From metal melting and casting to heat treatment, forging, and brazing, medium frequency induction furnaces play a critical role in modern manufacturing processes.


If you're interested in integrating medium frequency induction furnaces into your industrial operations, don't hesitate to contact us. As a trusted supplier of induction heating equipment, we offer a wide range of solutions tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Medium-frequency electric furnaces

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