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Stainless steel wire annealing processing by 25KW high frequency induction heating machine


Application Case: high frequency induction heating annealing for stainless steel products.

Using Model NO.: ZG-HF25 High Frequency Induction Heating Machine

Sometime we also need to do annealing processing of the stainless steel pipes, pots, bowls and bottles before bending or forming.

Why we need to do this heating processing of annealing?

Those stainless steel products such as stainless steel pipes, pots, bowls and bottles are produced by cold working, carbide precipitation, lattice defects, and inconsistency in structure and composition are caused, which reduces the corrosion resistance of stainless steel. At this time, annealing treatment (or solution treatment) is required.

Stainless steel wire annealing processing by 25KW high frequency induction heating machine

Advantages of induction annealing

The traditional annealing is completed in the furnace, including maintaining enough time to keep the parts in the heat for them to reach a certain temperature, keep them at the temperature, and then cool them at the control speed. Moisture parts need to be transferred between multiple melting furnaces for heating, insulation and cooling.

Induction heating machine is used to anneal parts on high-speed continuous mobile production lines. This can be completed by a single part, or the inner couplet with rolling machines for drawing or tubes. It helps to eliminate the bottleneck caused by the furnace on the production line, so that the manufacturer can control the speed of the production line more freely and reduce the free time at other stages of the process.

Induction heating can be completed very quickly. Compared with the furnace or infrared tunnel, the induction coil used for annealing is very short. In continuous annealing operations, inductive heating can promote the layout of the factory and save a lot of land occupying the area.

The Purpose of High Frequency Induction Annealing Processing:

1. Reduce hardness and improve mach-inability;

2. Eliminate residual stress, stabilize size, reduce deformation and crack tendency;

3. Refine grains and eliminate defects;

4. Homogenize material and composition, improve material properties or prepare for subsequent heat treatment;

The Main Feature of High Frequency Induction Annealing Processing:

1. High speed: oscillation frequency is high, heat the stainless steel parts in seconds.

2. Reduce the oxidation of surface due to the high speed.

3. High efficiency: it adopts new variable current control technology to provide higher reliability and durability;

4. Easy to install, easy to operate, and easy to learn;

5. The heating effect is good, very uniform because the heating temperature rises quickly.

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